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David Hyams and the Miles to Go Band - Reviews
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What people have said about the Miles To Go band...

..."The band includes some of the finest players of traditional Celtic music in the country and is a refreshing combination of imaginative new material with deep respect for source traditions...There is nothing else quite like them in Australia."
Fairbridge Festival Artistic Director, Steve Barnes, 2003

"Sometimes you kick goals with both feet. We did this year when David and his illustrious crew agreed to travel across the Nullaboar to perform at Maldon."
Mike Ruggles, Artistic Director, Maldon Folk Festival 2005

"Some of the loveliest pieces sound like really good "traditional" tunes that one's somehow managed to miss hearing before - no small compliment to David's skills as composer. The leader plays beautifully but doesn't hog the solo space"
Doug Spencer, ABC Radio National's The Planet

"Dave Hyams' Miles To Go band has become a fixture at many Australian festivals over the last few years. Its not hard to see why with this line up of instrumental talent. But it is really the skill and artistry of his compositions and their power to evoke place - from Ireland to the Fitzroy River - that tantalizes. "
Ken Ferguson, The West Australian Newspaper, 29 April 2003

"The Miles to Go Band is easily one of the finest electric/acoustic ensembles from down under these days"
Ben Kettlewell, USA's Alternative Music Press

"an eclectic mix of instruments rendering wonderful music"
Marie Rayner, Town Crier magazine, 2004

"...we were all taken on a wonderful journey by the "Miles To Go trio" from WA with their inspiring tunes and songs of places close to the heart."
Bridget Sommers, Dorrigo Festival director, Nov 2008

"If intricate arrangements and instrumental acoustic expertise were the criteria, Perth's David Hyams and the Miles To Go Band were among the standout acts..."
Tony Hillier - The Australian Newspaper - Review of the Woodford Folk Festival
December 27-January 1 2009

"Next up was one of my festival favourites - perhaps even my absolute favourite - in David Hyams and the Miles To Go Band, at the endearingly-named Duck and Shovel venue. Seven band members on stage (one of whom was playing with the band for the very first time), including a cellist, a fiddler and a guy with a whistle (yay!) played a lovely acoustic, celtic-influenced yet very Australian sort of folk music. ... After seeing this band, though, I immediately re-examined my festival schedule to see how many more times I could see them..."
Insomnious. Org : TALES OF WOODFORD

"The inaptly named Miles To Go trio (they have already arrived) led by David Hyams, are a treat to listen to..."
from Trad and Now, review of Nannup Festival 2010 by Bill Clohessy


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