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David Hyams and the Miles to Go Band - Reviews
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What people have said about the Miles To Go album...

The CD has been a long time in the making, and it shows - meticulously crafted arrangements of tasty tunes, lots of light and shade in the arrangements, not a note out of place or surplus to requirements, and completely free of self-indulgent noodling. If you enjoy Celtic-New Acoustic fusions along the lines of Donal Lunny and Alisdair Fraser, you'll enjoy this."
Steve Barnes presenter RTR FM Folk West programme.

David Hyams is Australia's foremost composer of Celtic music.While it has its roots deeply planted in Celtic traditions, this is an album of fine Australian music that has a great degree of breadth.
Stephen Hall, 99.3FM "Rhythm & Jazz" 2NSB in "Radar's Blues News".

"Hyams and his trusty ensemble have produced an amazing album of virtuoso music. This is an ensemble that excels with talent, warmth and joy. Full of contemporary style and romanticism." The Miles to Go Band is easily one of the finest electric/acoustic ensembles from down under these days. The recording itself is highlighted by an extreme spectral clarity and separation of instruments. It is as stunning as the playing.
Ben Kettlewell, Alternative Music Press.

Some of the loveliest pieces sound like really good "traditional" tunes that one's somehow managed to miss hearing before - no small compliment to David's skills as composer. The leader plays beautifully but doesn't hog the solo space; indeed, it's the lovely textures, the ensemble playing, the deft arrangements and the skilful deployment of the other players which makes this album so special.
Doug Spencer, Producer, The Planet ABC Radio National.

"Fremantle-based guitarist David Hyams may not be well-known this side of the continent, but that hasn't stopped him from producing one of the finest Australian acoustic albums for years. This self-issued release begins with a couple of creditable acoustic evocations of the west Australian bush, but soon veers into territory not usually well covered by Australian musicians - Celtic music. There is a refreshing precision to the musicianship of David Hyams, whether playing electric or acoustic guitar, or the more Celtic-sounding cittern or mandolin. The same can be said of his guest musicians, who add classy touches to an album that grows in stature every time you listen to it."
Peter Grant of the Hobart Mercury and Folkworld Online.

"Miles To Go" is a delightful album that travels many roads through a variety of soundscapes...A journey well worth taking."
Phil Bennett in Nova Magazine.

"This album has a great compositional elegance making it particularly beautiful indeed" ...this is a ground breaking release from a musician who has spent years honing his skills across a spectrum of popular music styles and whose form is now emerging"
Jen Haselby in X-Press Magazine.

"I get something more every time I listen to it. If you are a fan of acoustic instrumental music, this is for you."
Joe Crozier in Perth Irish Scene Magazine.

"...adroit changes of rhythm and style, as slow reels shift gear to full-flown dance mode, and acoustic guitar gives way to pipes with churning bass... There are John Renbourne-like sunlit meadows of sub-medieval guitar in Watching the Wheels; searing deserts of slide Dobro in Big Sky Country; and the odd hooley up the back of the pub in Old Speckled Hen/Three for the Road."
Ken Ferguson of the The West Australian Newspaper.

"This CD is so good. It compares favourably with anything being done in this vein by anyone in the world - there are subtleties in the melodies and in the arrangements which are still revealing themselves."
Arthur Elliott, 'Sidestream' 99.7FM, Brisbane.

"The music is full of clever twists, subtle, gentle cultural references and poignant moments. Anyone who's driven across red earth under a vast sky will recognize the references in the wide notes and the atmospheric acoustic melodies."
Kayt Davies, Australian Vital Magazine, 2002.

"David Hyams is an artist. His brush is his guitar and his canvas is life. The sound created by the mixture of unique instruments was sweet ear candy to this seasoned reviewer."
Jim Clark, Publisher, Lee County Courier, Michigan USA, 7 Aug 2003.

"The rhythms and arrangements are superbly crafted. This is an excellent album and sure to be the start of something big."
Alan Gordon, Celtic World, October 2000.

"Original music by David with superb performances from a number of supporting musicians. Different tracks can remind the listener of a variety of bands - Na Fili, early Battlefield Band, Altan, Nick Drake - all come to mind, but this music is not derivative in any way."
Malcolm Fielding - Indie-Cds.com

"Hyams has the knack of writing original tunes with an authentic Irish spirit.A great CD - why haven't we heard of David Hyams and so many of his players before?"
Ian Jenkins - Folk Australia Website


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