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David Hyams and the Miles to Go Band - MTG - Band Profiles
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Miles To Go Band Profiles - David Hyams

David Hyams is one of Western Australia's most accomplished composers, producers, and multi - instrumentalists. Playing acoustic, electric and steel guitars, as well as mandolin, bass, dobro and harmonica, he has performed in a wide range of musical styles, from blues, pop/rock and country to the progressive folk of popular WA acts Devils on Horseback, The Press Gang and Reel to Reel.

A respected session guitarist and producer, David is known for his work with a range of Western Australian artists and also worked as sideman to a number of international acts, in 2005 touring Australia and Ireland with renowned Irish performer Sean Keane.

In 2000, David emerged as a composer and artist in his own right with the release of his critically acclaimed debut "Miles To Go". The 13 track instrumental album attracted considerable radio airplay across Australia and a string of great reviews at home and abroad. Live performances by his 7 piece "Miles To Go band" followed, the band soon becoming a festival favourite and 7 times nominated for "Best World Music Act" at the WA Music Industry Associations awards (WAMIs)...more

David Hyams and the Miles to Go Band
Miles To Go Band Profiles - Dana Ogle

Dana Ogle trained in djembe, congas, bata and mridangam, and has developed a strong technical ability and adept versatility as a percussionist. Her definitive training occurred under the mentorship of master musician, Wency D'Souza, with whom she studied percussive technique in Indian, Afro-Cuban and Latin rhythmic styles. Dana's travels to India furthered her training in percussion and introduced her to world-renowned Mridangamist Guru Tangore K Murugaboopathi, who has been her mentor in Carnatic music and the Indian percussion instrument, mridangam, since 2004.

Since 1998 Dana has been employed by the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts as an accompanist for contemporary dance techniques and improvisation. She has worked as guest Accompanist for visiting dance companies including Rambert Dance Company (London) and Bangarra Dance Theatre (Sydney).

Dana has performed a myriad of musical styles currently working with a number of local bands including David Hyams' Miles to Go Band, Ngewell Kora Group and Grace Barbe. She has also worked with notable Jazz musicians, including Graeme Lyall, James Morrison, Joe Chindamo, Frank Foster and Ed Partyka. Dana has also performed as guest percussionist with international musicians including John Butler Trio and in 2009 with Nigerian Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen, with whom she toured and performed nationally, including at Womadelaide festival. Performances overseas include recording and touring in Guatemala with Latino/Reggae/Ska band Tabula Raza. In 2008 Dana was co-founder of the South Indian/Fusion group 'Symmetric Laya' in Chennai and recorded their debut CD Gnananandam.

She is currently producing and arranging her debut CD after collaborating with notable world class musicians, including Tony Allen; Luis 'Betun' Valiente and Pururu Mao Couro. The CD is specifically designed for contemporary dance technique classes

David Hyams and the Miles to Go Band
Miles To Go Band Profiles - Stuart Patterson

Stuart Patterson was raised in Scotland and immigrated to Australia in 1989. He has played Irish and Scottish traditional music for many years on both wooden and silver flute, as well as whistles, mandolin and bodhran.

Stuart joined the Miles to Go Band in time for their appearance at the 2007 National Folk Festival in Canberra. He's also a sometimes member of the trio line up and currently plays in and has recorded with celtic/blues fusion band "Blue Celts" (www.myspace.com/bluecelts).

Stuart is a regular and highly regarded performer at acoustic music venues, festivals and sessions and has trained with Irish flute masters Harry Bradley, Desi Wilkinson, Kevin Crawford and John Wynne; all of whom have been major influences on his playing.

David Hyams and the Miles to Go Band
Miles To Go Band Profiles - Manoli Vouyoucalos

Manoli Vouyoucalos has been playing electric fretted and fretless basses with the Miles To Go band since 2006.

He also plays double bass, guitar and is learning the fiddle. He has an A.D.P.A. and a certificate in jazz (with an award for the most improved student), has studied at the Guildhall Summer School in London and privately in New York with John Benitez.

Manoli has worked professionally since 1986 in a vast range of musical enterprises, encompassing close to three thousand live gigs, plus many recordings and tours. He has lived in Sydney, Athens, London as well as Perth and toured to Venezuela and Mexico with Richard Walley, also playing at numerous festivals that include the Bendigo Gospel Music Festival, the National Folk Festival (ACT) and many festivals in W.A.

Manoli has worked as a freelance musician with hundreds of artists in styles ranging from R&B, funk, gospel, tango, salsa, blues, drum & bass, jazz, big band, musical theatre, indigenous hip hop fusion, Eastern European, Indian jazz, pop/rock. He's been an integral member of various contemporary acts, from the 'Love Pump' - a funk band with which national airplay was achieved with his own song "Busy Man" to the contemporary soul of 'Award' to the latin/funk/pop of 'Surge' and the 'Brett Hardwick Trio', 'Miracle Band X', 'Tango 22', 'Come and Get it' (his own original instrumental group) and 'Indojazz'.

David Hyams and the Miles to Go Band
Miles To Go Band Profiles - Brett Hirsch

After guesting at some of the band's shows since 2008, Brett Hirsch joined the Miles To Go Band in 2010 bringing his array of wind instruments, which include uilleann pipes, smallpipes, whistles, and soprano saxophone.

When he isn't playing traditional folk music, he works as an academic at the University of Western Australia, where he conducts research on digital editions of English Renaissance drama.

After playing music and studying old books, Brett's favourite activity is taking catnaps.

Vist Brett's website and hear him play a jig: http://www.notwithoutmustard.net

David Hyams and the Miles to Go Band
Miles To Go Band Profiles - Dan Bright

Daniel Bright has been surrounded by music from a very young age, learning Suzuki method Violin, then Piano and progressing to guitar at age 13. Electric guitar was the choice at the time and Heavy Rock the genre. After 4 years Daniel picked up an Acoustic Guitar and settled into a new style of playing. Celtic inspired Folk band Knotwork consisting of Guitar, Mandolin, Bodhran and Vocal arrangements saw Daniel play many Festivals including Nannup, Fairbridge, Channel 7 Crab Fest & Woodford Folk Festival.

The energy of being on stage has seen Daniel constantly thriving on music as a form of expression and sharing this energy with audiences. Since 2009 he's been playing acoustic guitar and didgeridoo with the Miles to Go Band, starting at the band's 10 year anniversary show in November. He also plays drums with Perth based Folk band The Cannonels.

Daniel is also highly in demand as a Sound Engineer and tours Australia with the likes of Karnivool and Tijuana Cartel.

David Hyams and the Miles to Go Band
Miles To Go Band Profiles - Melanie Robinson

'Fresh and engaging, down-to-earth and bubbling with creative brilliance.' ...The West Australian

Melanie Robinson is a cellist, arranger and singer/songwriter currently residing in Melbourne, Australia. She divides her time between writing and touring her own music for cello and voice, and writing string arrangements/recording/touring for and with other artists.

She is best known for:

  • Mr. Sister
  • Mukti
  • Tim Rogers, You Am I and the Temperance Union
  • Australian art music quartet Overlander, together with Australian didgeridoo legend William Barton, percussionist extraordinaire Claire Edwardes and the beautiful Australian composer Iain Grandage
  • LA-based Multimedia ensemble "Squint"
  • Other arrangements include John Butler Trio, Jimmy Barnes, Mark Abis, Eskimo Joe, Steve Pigram, Shellie Morris, Tex Perkins, Topology and Pi Ensemble.

Melanie plays a 1926 Roth cello with a 1927 Hill & Sons bow.

She is endorsed by Yamaha Australia and plays a Yamaha SVC 110 electric cello

Vist Mel's website: www.sameroad.com.au/artists/mel-robinson

David Hyams and the Miles to Go Band
Miles To Go Band Profiles - Jenny M Thomas

Jenny M Thomas is well-known on the Australian world-music scene, having studied violin traditions from diverse cultures, including India, Ireland and Scandanavia. She has worked with Circus Oz, (after being recruited from music school to the dubious job of roller-skating and fiddling - at the same time) toured internationally with the pop band "Naked Raven", and was violinist/composer with the world music fusion band "Akin".

Jenny's first solo album "Into the Ether" established her as a fearless violinist who explores the nuances of Irish, Scandinavian and Eastern music with ethereal beauty. It was released to considerable critical acclaim and extensive radio airplay.

More recently Jenny turned her attention to her own musical heritage, mastered the rare and difficult art of singing and playing the fiddle at the same time, to resurrect old and battered Aussie folk songs, dragging them into the 21st Century with her 2007 release "Farewell to Old England Forever".

She now plays these songs with her newest line up "Jenny M. Thomas And The System". She also plays with Greek band the HaBiBis and has played with the Miles To Go trio since 2009

Visit Jenny's website: www.myspace.com/jennymthomas

"...like no other violin and viola player on the planet...And frankly imagining life without her music and its surprises is too bleak to even think about. Jenny M. Thomas is that transformative an artist. She is earth and ether. Big words but true." Ken Hunt fRoots Aug 2009

"Thomas' bow weeps emotion. Without question, she is the finest non-Indian that I have heard play Indian-accented violin... If I get three musical discoveries of this calibre out of the hundreds of new musical experiences that come my way annually, I count myself blessed." JAZZWISE UK